ICT Role for PYP Exhibition 2010

Here are some notes I prepared for the PYP Coordinator for a meeting the Grade 5 teachers from YIS and Tokyo International School will have this afternoon about the PYP Exhibition 2010. This is my very first time I will be involved with the PYP Exhibition. I’ve been told to brace myself but also that it is a rewarding experience. Lately I have been looking more into the PYP Exhibition Ning to look for discussions and collaboration, PYP Exhibition Resources blog for ideas, and PYP ICT Resources blog for ideas on how I can contribute to the Exhibition.


Although ICT is not required in the exhibition, the YIS Grade 5 teachers and students have decided that they will be writing their reflections and documenting their learning process using Posterous blogs. You can find how to register for Posterous here. Each student has been assigned a school email address so that they can register for online tools such as Posterous. Some students have also registered for Animoto using a Classroom Code that the teacher obtained for the class. Both of these online services strictly prohibits students 13 and younger from registering unless the school provides a ‘dummy’ or alias email address that the school maintains. Apply for Animoto Classroom Code here. The teacher and the ICT Facilitator has supervised both Posterous and Animoto registration so that students use their school email address to register and understand that YIS does not tolerate negative behavior with email and online services.

Posterous – Blogging platform that students can use school email to send a blog post with photos, audio or video files to their website. The subject of the email becomes the title of the post and the body of the email becomes the description or ‘blog post.’
Animoto – Animoto allows educators to apply for a Classroom Code and All-Access Pass for free. This has allowed students to create a video out of their photos, video, and audio recordings without the hassle and time it takes to add transitions and make slideshows. Animoto videos can be downloaded and dropped into iMovie for further editing.

The role of the ICT Facilitator for YIS Grade 5 Exhibition is to:
– Be present in weekly grade level planning meetings (Every Wednesday from 2pm-3pm)
– Block times to work with students using the Grade 5 shared schedule (Times TBD)
– Work with mentors and mentor groups if requested
– Work with teachers and students on strategies to save work (ie. File sizes, Server, USB Memory Stick, Computer)
– Work with IT Team to ensure that printer issues are resolved in a timely manner
– Work with Grade 5 teachers and students on final presentation day to help organize and facilitate event

From the Exhibition Guidelines Handbook 2008:

Role of ICT in PYP Exhibition

Role of ICT in PYP Exhibition

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